Crayola campaign analysis, PR Writing course in review

Crayola’s “Colors of the World” The “Colors of the World” campaign by Crayola started in May 2020, and the company has continued to promote the 24 shades since the launch. Crayola has used social media effectively by retweeting customer posts on Twitter, establishing a relationship with product users through curated content. The hashtag #TrueSelfie wasContinue reading “Crayola campaign analysis, PR Writing course in review”

COVID-19 posters from CDC can be improved

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided Guidance and Planning documents for colleges and universities with information on how to open their institutions. These documents are very detailed in nature and cover areas from administrative guidance and considerations to living in shared housing and suggested cleaning. However, the posters created to visualize this informationContinue reading “COVID-19 posters from CDC can be improved”

Starbucks and its brand persona: professional and fun

With a Starbucks on nearly every corner, it’s hard to not notice the brand wherever you go. It could also be difficult to resist the temptation of a warm mocha or smooth cold brew. Although we are all familiar with Starbucks, we may not pay attention to the company’s persona on its corporate blog andContinue reading “Starbucks and its brand persona: professional and fun”

The PESO model applied to Zion Coffee Co.

Any successful business needs to make people aware of its existence through clever use of media, and Zion, a coffee shop in Peoria, Illinois, does this through its presence on several platforms. The PESO model is a strategy companies can use to engage with their audience. This model combines the use of paid, earned, sharedContinue reading “The PESO model applied to Zion Coffee Co.”

Ben and Jerry’s team-up with Colin Kaepernick is authentic PR

Ben and Jerry’s is not a company to shy away from caring about issues that affect the world. The popular ice cream brand has written statements of action for many issues such as racial justice, criminal justice, climate change, LGBT equality and GMO labeling legislation. On Dec. 10, 2020, Ben and Jerry’s announced its partnershipContinue reading “Ben and Jerry’s team-up with Colin Kaepernick is authentic PR”

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