Digital journalism: Now and into the future

The future of digital journalism is a tricky subject because there is a lot changing in this world and journalism has been going through a big transition in how the industry utilizes various platforms. There is a range in content and products news organizations put out there for people. Some content is free, but thereContinue reading “Digital journalism: Now and into the future”

College goes on: Student organization copes with working remotely

Even though we are no longer on campus, student organizations have found ways to adapt and stay connected during these uncertain times.  Haley Johnson and Anthony Landahl work for The Scout, and the student media organization has not stopped because the campus is closed.  Editing articles used to be done entirely in the office byContinue reading “College goes on: Student organization copes with working remotely”

Positive news is a solution to the state of our minds

In times like these, it is easy to be caught up in the stress and negativity of the world. Some are pointing fingers at who is to blame for the current frown on our face instead of coming together and find something worth smiling about. Although the statistics and the advice from experts might beContinue reading “Positive news is a solution to the state of our minds”

Journalists need to make money too

Just like any other industry, journalism needs to make money, but what are the best ways to do it while maintaining a professional and ethical product? There really is no one best way to be successful in the journalism industry because what works for a large news organization might not work for independent news outletsContinue reading “Journalists need to make money too”

How a first responder’s job has changed due to COVID-19, and their advice

While many are staying at home trying to avoid the pandemic, first responders are on the frontlines helping those who were potentially exposed to COVID-19.   Every day that my dad leaves the house for work, he knows chances are he will come in contact with someone that has COVID-19, but he takes every measure heContinue reading “How a first responder’s job has changed due to COVID-19, and their advice”

Should COVID-19 coverage be free?

Every industry has been affected in at least one way due to the COVID-19 pandemic. News organizations certainly are not alone in having to make difficult decisions.  What is happening now will surely impact the future of journalism, including what should be free and what will be behind a paywall.  Many news organizations have madeContinue reading “Should COVID-19 coverage be free?”

How my local news reports on COVID-19

Living in south suburban Chicago, many villages use Patch as their local news outlet. The news organization covers community-specific news and has been looking at the impacts of COVID-19 in suburbia. The Patch has covered a variety of topics pertaining to the virus. It has reported the numbers in the Alsip-Crestwood area and neighboring communitiesContinue reading “How my local news reports on COVID-19”

Where to study? Best study locations on Bradley’s campus

Midterms have just wrapped up and finals are not too far away, so now is the time to find the best study place for you. Bradley University offers many places for students to do their work. There are open spaces and pod-like rooms that provide a study space for everyone.  The most popular areas onContinue reading “Where to study? Best study locations on Bradley’s campus”

Spreading the news on the spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus is practically everywhere, including our newsfeeds. Many news organizations now have coronavirus-focused material such as newsletters, podcasts and 24-hour updated coverage. Every day there is something new. The daily briefings about the changes regarding coronavirus are important for the public to discern between fact and fiction. It also helps to know what people shouldContinue reading “Spreading the news on the spread of coronavirus”

Out-of-context images lead to misinformation

Who is responsible for minimizing the phenomenon of out-of-context imagery? We scroll and we scroll, looking for the information we need to go about our daily lives. In most cases, this is probably mindless consumption of memes, videos and inspirational quotes. But when a crisis strikes, we go online for knowledge of the situation. However,Continue reading “Out-of-context images lead to misinformation”

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