Direct-to-consumer advertisements and their effects on the audience

Direct-to-consumer advertising can be seen everywhere. From TV commercials to magazine spreads, ads illustrating the use of prescription drugs are persuading audiences to ask doctors about certain medications. A video by Vox explained the evolution of direct-to-consumer advertising and the impact it has on American society. The FDA also demonstrates the impact of direct-to-consumer advertisingContinue reading “Direct-to-consumer advertisements and their effects on the audience”

Classical liberalism and its relationship to TikTok

What do TikTok influencers and classical liberalism have in common? The idea that individuals will act in their own self-interest is one possible answer. Classical liberalism There are four main ideas that can be used to explain classical liberalism: egoism, intellectualism, quietism, and atomism (Rotzoll, Haefner, & Hall, 1990). Each idea describes the nature ofContinue reading “Classical liberalism and its relationship to TikTok”

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