The PESO model applied to Zion Coffee Co.

Any successful business needs to make people aware of its existence through clever use of media, and Zion, a coffee shop in Peoria, Illinois, does this through its presence on several platforms.

Photo of Zion Coffee Bar in Downtown Peoria via @zioncoffeeco on Instagram.

The PESO model is a strategy companies can use to engage with their audience. This model combines the use of paid, earned, shared and owned media for a business to establish a brand and communicate with the public.

Here is how Zion has utilized the PESO model:

Paid media: Crossroads United Methodist Church has a partnership with Zion and posted about it on Feb. 8, 2020, with Zion’s slogan #theothersideofthecup.

Earned media: Several local news organizations have published articles about the company’s endeavors, including supporting the global economy and, more recently, the announcement to cancel expansion plans.

Shared media: Zion has a great social media presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with each platform demonstrating a consistent message. 

A Jan. 22, 2021 Instagram post with one of the owners, Mike Hatfield, via @zioncoffeeco.

Instagram specifically depicts the company’s modern aesthetic, shares updates on the business and includes humorous posts with #fridaycaptionsbymike. The owners engage more with followers and the community through posts, stories and highlights than on some of their other platforms. 

Zion’s Instagram shows that the owners are more than just business people, as it illustrates a fun space for people to engage with them while also learning more about the company and what it offers. 

Owned media: Zion mainly has its website where the owners share their story, business model and links to a documentary and store for merchandise. 

Through looking at Zion’s website and various social media platforms, it is evident that the owners of the company know how to reach their audience and build a brand.

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I am a journalism student at Bradley University, and I work for the campus newspaper, The Scout. Traveling and writing are my two passions, so I hope to combine those loves into one job once I graduate.

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