Crayola campaign analysis, PR Writing course in review

Crayola’s “Colors of the World”

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The “Colors of the World” campaign by Crayola started in May 2020, and the company has continued to promote the 24 shades since the launch.

Crayola retweeted this post along with many others to display a sufficient amount of curated content.

Crayola has used social media effectively by retweeting customer posts on Twitter, establishing a relationship with product users through curated content. The hashtag #TrueSelfie was also utilized on Instagram and Facebook. This shared media helps create a community around the product and illustrates an effective mutually beneficial relationship.

The company also includes videos on YouTube, making for a clear presence of created content. One suggests a fun activity for kids to do and another demonstrates the thought that went into creating the different shades for the crayons, colored pencils and markers.

This strategy aligns with Crayola’s target audience, which includes parents and elementary school educators. A social media hashtag provides a place for parents and teachers of young children to bounce ideas off of each other and create something special for the kids. The videos also provide ideas and knowledge of the initiative.

Crayola took advantage of controlled media to launch the “Colors of the World” campaign with a press release announcing the new diverse crayons. In turn, the owned media provided the opportunity for earned media with PR Newswire sharing the press release and additional uncontrolled media included news articles like the one in USA Today.

The company uses clever designs by including crayon texture in all of its promotional material. Within the designs, the colors are consistently the focus, making the use of sequence effective and unified.

Personal improvement and my portfolio

While in this class, I have strengthened my lead writing ability by needing to keep it concise. Additionally, through the press release assignment, I further developed my knowledge of the inverted pyramid and gained a new appreciation for media advisories.

I also had the opportunity to work on my feature writing techniques through the communications department faculty member profile assignment.

Before the week focusing on design, I never gave much thought to what went into a PR campaign’s look. Now, I understand the basic principles and can apply them to future campaigns I may encounter.

Throughout this course, I have completed tasks that I can add to my portfolio such as the press release on the communications department COM Connect event series and the faculty profile.

There are also skills that I can add to my resume such as press release writing and managing a social media account. I may also add my work from the social media account to my blog website and include the link on my resume.

Overall, I am proud of the work I have displayed in this class, and I am ready to discuss what I accomplished if any interviewer may ask why I included this class as a “relevant course” on my resume.

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I am a journalism student at Bradley University, and I work for the campus newspaper, The Scout. Traveling and writing are my two passions, so I hope to combine those loves into one job once I graduate.

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