COVID-19 posters from CDC can be improved

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided Guidance and Planning documents for colleges and universities with information on how to open their institutions.

These documents are very detailed in nature and cover areas from administrative guidance and considerations to living in shared housing and suggested cleaning. However, the posters created to visualize this information lacks specific and detailed information.

It seems as though the posters are targeted more to the general public than colleges and universities. There are not any suggestions directed to college students specifically, and they don’t really offer anything new.

Many of the posters by the CDC offer the same information that can be found everywhere such as washing your hands, wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart from others. Some of the designs are also a little busy, making it hard to determine what information is the most important.

Personally, my eyes are directed toward some of the images. This might make it so people lose the details from the written words.

Design principles can be applied to the following two posters from the CDC:

Balance: Although both posters stick to a few fonts, balance is not a strength in these designs. In the second poster, many different colors are used. This might add some personality to the overall look, but it is also distracting from the message. The first post attempts to do a better job with balance by sticking to shades of blue and gold; however, the blues aren’t in the same family, giving it an awkward look.

Sequence: These posters place emphasis on the images by using a variety of colors. Additionally, they do a good job of putting the main element at the top of page to demonstrate the importance with the messages “Wear a Mask to Protect You and Your Friends” and “Help Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19.”

Unity: Both posters do a great job with this principle. They stick to one or two fonts and use similar illustrations.

Grids: You can tell the designers used a grid layout to keep the designs clean and even in both posters.

Alignment: It looks like the text is centered in the first poster under the illustrations, but the other text is flush left.

Type: The text is bold when it needs to be, like when it is serving as headlines, and it is regular when it serves as a caption. Both posters stay consistent in the type of font used.

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