Spreading the news on the spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus is practically everywhere, including our newsfeeds. Many news organizations now have coronavirus-focused material such as newsletters, podcasts and 24-hour updated coverage. Every day there is something new. The daily briefings about the changes regarding coronavirus are important for the public to discern between fact and fiction. It also helps to know what people shouldContinue reading “Spreading the news on the spread of coronavirus”

Out-of-context images lead to misinformation

Who is responsible for minimizing the phenomenon of out-of-context imagery? We scroll and we scroll, looking for the information we need to go about our daily lives. In most cases, this is probably mindless consumption of memes, videos and inspirational quotes. But when a crisis strikes, we go online for knowledge of the situation. However,Continue reading “Out-of-context images lead to misinformation”

News organizations use ad campaigns to gain subscribers

Seeing advertisements for products is nothing new, so in the information age, it’s likely we will see commercials for knowledge. Recently, The New York Times has done just that. They bought a spot during the 2020 Academy Awards broadcast to advertise “The 1619 Project” and entice readers to subscribe with “The truth is worth it”Continue reading “News organizations use ad campaigns to gain subscribers”

News is everywhere: TikTok is now being used as a journalistic tool

The popular app that once went by Musical.ly rebranded in 2018 under the name TikTok. What was once a place for goofy lip-synch videos, is now a place for a range of content. This even includes the news. Although TikTok mainly consists of short, funny videos and memes, some news outlets have decided to useContinue reading “News is everywhere: TikTok is now being used as a journalistic tool”

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