Where to study? Best study locations on Bradley’s campus

Midterms have just wrapped up and finals are not too far away, so now is the time to find the best study place for you.

Bradley University offers many places for students to do their work. There are open spaces and pod-like rooms that provide a study space for everyone. 

The most popular areas on campus are the first and second floors of the library and the new Business and Engineering Convergence Center (BECC).

The 270,000-square-foot building includes a cafe with Starbucks coffee and refreshers for study fuel. There are common areas on each floor equipped with tables and whiteboards. Each study room also includes a TV. 

Imani Shamsuddin, a sophomore theatre arts major, said she studies in the BECC in a second-floor study room. She goes there once a week for astronomy with a study group.

Taylor Gutt, a freshman industrial engineering major, said she enjoys studying on any floor of the new building and prefers the study rooms, especially when working in groups. When studying by herself, she’ll use the common areas with whiteboards.

Gutt said she likes how the TVs in the study rooms have access to Solstice, a wireless collaboration platform.

“If I’m working on a problem in a textbook and I want to look at the answer key, instead of having it on my laptop … I can just have it displayed in the [TV] screen,” Gutt said.

If she wants to avoid distractions, she’ll just study in her room. 

“In the fall, I was mostly at the library just because it was a little colder and it’s closer to my dorm, but now that the new building is available, I tend to go here more,” Gutt said.

Danielle Macias, a junior health science major, said she likes to study on the second floor of the library, where students can talk but it’s not too loud, or at a back table in the student center. 

She also agrees that the BECC is a study hotspot. 

“The new business building has a lot of nice study areas too,” Marcias said. “I like how you can project onto the TVs.”

She goes to these places when she has to do work on campus, otherwise, she usually studies in her apartment.

The one place most students agree they will never study at is the basement of the library. They said it was too quiet for their liking and they need at least a little noise to study effectively. 

There is no talking allowed on that floor, so it can seem a little eerie to those that don’t enjoy absolute silence when working.

There is no talking permitted at basement of the library. Photo by Angeline Schmelzer.

Although many students said they don’t like doing work in the basement of the library, a select few students can be seen studying in the void of sound. 

“If the room is dead quiet, my thoughts kind of go elsewhere and I don’t really focus as much,” Gutt said.

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