Positive news is a solution to the state of our minds

Photo by Jonathan Robles on Pexels.com

In times like these, it is easy to be caught up in the stress and negativity of the world. Some are pointing fingers at who is to blame for the current frown on our face instead of coming together and find something worth smiling about.

Although the statistics and the advice from experts might be necessary to stay educated about the state of the world, there are good things happening all around us.

Essential workers are out on the frontlines doing amazing things and average people are doing the extraordinary and lending a helping hand. Even in the midst of awful and lonely times, people are finding creative ways to stay connected with friends and family.

These feel-good stories are welcomed on social media and perhaps as important as briefings describing the spread of the virus.

Solutions journalism and positive news story can come together to give people what they want and need: answers and inspiration/hope.

People want to find happiness amidst the hardship, positive news can go a long way. It is also a welcomed break from what seems like the Nothing in The NeverEnding Story.

News organizations have an obligation to spread the news, so features on positive experiences is a great way to keep sharing what is going on in the world, while not continuing to inundate readers with the negativity the pandemic has caused. It is also important in painting the whole picture of what is going on.

Another form of news can come in the form of solutions journalism, which describes the responses taken to address problems. It dives deeper than the typical hard news story and can have an impact on the way people learn and talk about social problems.

Solutionsjournalism.org has a page devoted to pieces about responses to the pandemic. Some are positive and others further explain issues that have emerged because of COVID-19.

All news organizations can include positive news stories and dive into solutions journalism to give people a more well-rounded platform to consume the news. Even though the state of the world has seen better days, it is still turning and positivity can prevail if we spread the good. 

Published by aschmelzer

I am a journalism student at Bradley University, and I work for the campus newspaper, The Scout. Traveling and writing are my two passions, so I hope to combine those loves into one job once I graduate.

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